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Be apart of an exclusive training community!

We've been serving the Hunterdon Community for over 17 years; being the oldest active Dojo in Flemington.  Recognized by organizations throughout the world; bringing a caliber of instruction to Flemington that only ASDC can offer.


Since our inception in 2003 we've seen a change in the dedication and expectations of students.  We don't fall into the newly accepted norm of training.  We train within the traditions of Karate and will not sacrafice our quality.  When you walk through our doors please understand that you will not be promoted will not be sold on flash or gimmicks.  Instead you will be taught Honor, Discipline and practical and effective self-defense techniques.  You're not here for a "good time", you will be pushed and developed spiritually and physically.  

Because of our commitment to the quality of our students experience we do NOT accept just any student that comes through our doors.  You must be committed to bettering yourself through difficult, challenging yet rewarding training.  Please email us directly at and provide a short email of why our Dojo is right for you.

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