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What is Anti-Bullying?

Here at ASDC Martial Arts we strive to understand what is "Anti-Bullying" and how can it be achieved.  One thing rang out... Confidence.  Whether you're a Teen or Adult there will always be a bully in your life; a classmate or a co-worker.  Now what separates a bully from a victim is not only their moral compass,  but their confidence in which they enter a situation.  If someone walks into a room with their head held low and their shoulders rolled forward they are automatically labeling themselves as a victim.  This can be easily seen by a potential 'Bully' and exploited.  Now if you walk into a room with your head held high and  displaying yourself with strength and confidence, that is the best deterrent to any would be bully.

Our classes are strictly Martial Arts and Self-defense tactic training.  There's no flash or unpractical training in our facility; we put you in real life situations without the real life threat.  Just like anything in life, the more you experience a stimulus the more you're able to overcome it.  So through our training program we will give you the confidence to walk into any situation knowing that you'll be able to take on any individual that might do you harm.  You will radiant that confidence which  will deter any would be bully from you.

You may now ask what if that's not enough?  The ability to defend yourself in turn gives you the ability to diffuse situations easier since the fear of an altercation is absent from your minds thought.  If you're calmly talking to a threat they will loose that sense of power they had over you.  And in the worst case situation you will be able to defend yourself as a last resort; and in doing so eliminates all other potential bullies from approaching you.

What makes our Anti-Bullying program different?  Firstly we're not a gimmick, franchise or some would be instructors with no real world experience.  We do not separate our classes or have a bonus Anti-Bullying class to attack the issues...we train.  We train hard to tackle anything that life throws at us bully or otherwise.  Don't buy into the Tae Kwon Do theatrics that force you to pay extra for a merit badge on your uniform that displays you're are "anti-bullying" certified.  Life doesn't care about what you have earned, it cares about what you can handle.  With ASDC Martial Arts as your background you will live a more fulfilling life knowing true humility in all your endeavors; but having the confidence to take on any threat.

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