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Kids Self-Defense

Are you tired of seeing Kid's Martial Arts programs that just seem like a glorified babysitting service? Experience the difference at American Self Defense Club. We train all of our students with the same concepts in mind: Discipline, Respect, Integrity, and Honor. We don't waste your time and money teaching our students pointless techniques. Instead we stimulate their minds under martial arts conditions; teaching them self defense techniques that are geared towards their age groups but can be transcended to a higher level over time.

Each child will learn the dynamics of martial arts, minus the play time antics most of our competitors teach as "kid friendly". American Self Defense Club's mission is to teach each student practical martial arts and self defense techniques and how to use those techniques against someone who is trying to injure them, rather than teaching our students "play" karate. Don't be fooled by the franchise Tae Kwon Do schools that market themselves off as karate. Experience true Okinawan karate the way it was meant to be trained.

What You'll Learn At Flemington Kids Martial Arts

  • Self defense

  • Real life fighting techniques

  • Discipline, Honor, and Integrity

  • Awareness of surroundings and threats

  • Flexibility and Coordination

Kids Martial Arts Program Age Groups

  • From Age 5 To 9 (Youth Karate Class)

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